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The State with the Most Colorful Cars?

Last month, a study on diversity in America found that the most diverse state is California, and the least diverse state is West Virginia.  But when it comes to car color diversity, it’s the exact opposite.

The website iSeeCars.com put out a new report on car sales by color throughout 2022 so far . . . and they found that white is more popular than ever.  26% of cars sold nationwide are white, which is up from 22% just five years ago.

Black is the second-most popular, followed by gray and silver.  If you add up the percentages for those colors, 79% of the cars sold are greyscale . . . like you are watching a black-and-white movie.

The state with the most car-color diversity is West Virginia, where 28% of the cars are colorful.  The state with the least diversity is California, where only 17% of the cars are colorful.

If you exclude grayscale “colors,” every state’s top color is either blue or red.

All the remaining colors account for less than 1% of car sales each.  But if you’re curious, here’s the order:

Brown is the seventh-most popular car color, followed by green . . . orange . . . beige . . . purple . . . gold . . . and yellow.

Experts say that white is popular because it’s “one of the easiest colors to maintain, and because it is a common color for fleet and rental vehicles.”  That leads to white used cars being very common.

But there’s good news for people who are brave enough to buy a bold color:  Less popular colors tend to depreciate less, because they are scarce in the used car marketplace.

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