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The Ten Rudest and Most Polite States in America

Are people ruder in certain parts of the country?  Well, someone tried to figure it out by looking at three different categories of rudeness.

They went through different polls and studies on how often people swear on the phone at customer service . . . how rude people are behind the wheel . . . and how much people tip at restaurants.  They also factored in a poll on how rude the rest of the country thinks each state is.

And it looks like America’s smallest state might be feeling a little inadequate.  Because RHODE ISLAND was named the rudest state in the U.S.

The ten rudest states are:  Rhode Island . . . Massachusetts . . . Virginia . . . New York . . . California . . . Washington . . . New Jersey . . . Utah . . . Illinois . . . and Ohio.

Southern charm must be for real, because a lot of Southern states made the list of the most POLITE states in America.

The ten states that ranked the lowest in rudeness are:  Mississippi . . . Arkansas . . . North Carolina . . . Vermont . . . Kentucky . . . South Carolina . . . Minnesota . . . Louisiana . . . Maine . . . and Delaware.


Andy Rogers

Andy has worked in broadcasting around Western North Carolina over the last 17 years. He serves as the Operations Manager and Program Director for WRGC and WBHN. “I’ve been with the crew here at Five Forty Broadcasting since the idea of bringing the station back to Jackson County at 540-AM. I feel a personal connection with community radio and the area”. In the past, Andy has worked with iHeart Media and Sky Country Broadcasting. He resides in Haywood County.
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