Washing Bananas?

Is it necessary to begin this practice, or is it merely an internet trend? There’s a circulating article suggesting that we should all adopt the habit of washing our BANANAS. This may seem unnecessary unless you happen to be someone who consumes the banana peel, which is relatively rare. However, the rationale behind this recommendation is that any bacteria present on the outer surface can potentially transfer to your hands and eventually enter your mouth.

A senior director from an organization known as the International Food Information Council advises rinsing your bananas under clean, running water before peeling them. There’s no need for specialized vegetable wash; plain water will suffice.

But the advice doesn’t stop there. She also suggests that we should consider washing our AVOCADOS. In fact, this might be even more critical than washing bananas. Like other types of produce, avocados can become contaminated on the outside. However, what sets avocados apart is that we often cut into them with a knife, and during this process, some of the surface bacteria can be transferred into the edible portion.

The same principle applies to any fruits or vegetables with inedible peels, such as onions, melons, oranges, and pineapples. To maximize safety, it’s recommended to wash all of these items thoroughly.

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