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No Homecoming Date?

It’s homecoming weekend at a lot of schools across the country.  Here’s something for all the kids who are skipping the dance this year, or didn’t get a date:  Don’t worry, most of us skipped it too . . .

A poll on school dances found only 44% of adults ever went to a homecoming dance.  And just 52% of us ever went to prom.

Around two-thirds attended at least one high school dance growing up.  That includes things like winter formals.

Since prom is the most popular, the poll also looked at the most common prom night activities.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  84% of people who went to prom slow danced with someone.  27% say they also GRINDED with someone on the dance floor.

2.  74% went out to eat at a restaurant.  Going out with a big group of friends is always popular.

3.  70% gave their date a corsage or boutonniere.

4.  60% went to an after-party.

5.  42% drank ALCOHOL on prom night.

6.  29% claim they got LUCKY.

7.  15% say they got in trouble with the COPS on prom night.  We’re guessing most of those people were at an after-party that got busted.



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