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Half of Moms Eat the Disgusting “Surprise Meals” Their Young Kids Make

If you’re a parent, you always want to embrace your kids’ curiosity, especially if they’re building important life skills.  But that isn’t always easy . . . especially if your nine-year-old is “cooking dinner.”

A new poll asked mothers about their kids’ first creations in the kitchen . . . and 46% of moms said that they’ve had their kids cook them an unappetizing “surprise meal.”  About HALF of those moms say they felt like they “had to eat” the concoction, and so they did.

49% say they’ve pretended to eat something their kid made . . . maybe using the same tricks their kids use, like spitting it into a napkin or giving it to the dog.

For better or worse, 82% of them say their child took this as a sign to make food for them more often.  But that’s better than the alternative . . . 24% of moms admit that they’ve upset their kid by turning down their food.

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