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Fake-Smile This Holiday Season?

We’re entering the holiday season, where people spend a lot more time with extended family members.

There’s a new survey on the “awkward” moments that happen when you’re around more family, and here are a few stats from it:

1.  One in three people admit to forcing a smile to PRETEND to enjoy a relative’s cooking.  And two in five say they have forced a smile to pretend to like a gift.  (Both of those numbers seem a bit low.)

2.  Nearly ALL of the Gen Z members in the survey say they expect to be asked about their relationship prospects, future aspirations, and career plans this holiday season.  And more than half of all adults expect at least one difficult question about their future or personal life.

3.  About HALF of adults say they struggle to figure out what to talk about with their relatives . . . and so some people bail early.  Gen Z and Millennials have the lowest threshold for extended family time, with three out of four saying that they can’t even last ONE DAY with their “loved ones.”

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