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Jonathan Creek Tract of Land Concerns

Jonathan Creek Road, Haywood County, NC

The recent decision by the Maggie Valley Board of Aldermen to bring a 42-acre tract into the town limits has raised concerns among Jonathan Creek residents, who fear the loss of the area’s rural character and potential over-development. The tract, previously owned as two separate parcels by Jack Leatherwood Jr. and Luanne Webb, has been merged into a single parcel. It is located four miles out from the intersection of Soco Road, adjoining the back of Smoky Mountain Farmers Co-Op.

Despite public outcry, the vote to annex the tract into the town was 3-2, with Tammy and Phillip Wight, members of the town board, opposing the measure. The proposed development, which could accommodate over 150 homes and would require the use of town sewer, aligns with Maggie Valley’s plan for growth. However, the decision has drawn criticism for the potential negative impact on the surrounding environment and community.

Several concerns were raised during the public hearing, including the loss of agricultural land, potential damage to scenic views that attract tourists, increased traffic congestion, and heightened demands on the water supply. Moreover, there is apprehension that the resulting housing will not be affordable for local residents.

A notable point of contention is that the fate of Jonathan Creek is being decided by the elected officials of Maggie Valley, whom the residents of Jonathan Creek are unable to vote for. The tract has been designated with the highest residential zoning density, allowing for up to five homes per acre under the R3 designation. The zoning decision was passed with a 4-1 vote, with Alderman Phillip Wight dissenting.

The next step for the project involves a public hearing on the conditional zoning of the property, scheduled for November. This will provide an opportunity for the board and citizens to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the project’s specific plans and implications.

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