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Moody Gets Federal Prison Sentence

Darris Moody

A woman from Haywood County has been given a two-year federal prison sentence due to her involvement in a clandestine movement with the aim of toppling the government and establishing a new system based on common law principles.

Darris Moody played a key role by issuing writs of execution against government officials, incentivizing citizens with a $10,000 reward to apprehend these officials and bring them to face charges in a parallel people’s court. This comprehensive initiative by Moody encompassed over 30 prominent figures in Haywood County, ranging from county commissioners and school board members to the sheriff and district attorney.

Moody received her federal court sentencing in Asheville on a Thursday. Earlier, she had admitted guilt to one count of engaging in interstate threatening communication, as she had sent out arrest threats and bounties for kidnapping. Court records and FBI documents revealed that Moody operated under the belief that she was acting as a foot soldier for an organization known as the People’s Bureau of Investigation, a conspiracy theory group. The founder of this group, Timothy Dever from Illinois, was also present during the court proceedings.

Following a lengthy and unfocused speech lasting more than half an hour, Dever was handed a 10-year prison sentence for his involvement in five instances of aiding and abetting interstate threats.

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