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Hot College Students’ Grades Dropped Once Remote Learning Happened

This either proves good looks give you a leg up, or hot people had a harder time focusing during the lockdowns.  I’m guessing it’s the first one . . .

A study in Sweden found that hot female college students stopped getting such good grades once remote learning happened.  Their grades dropped disproportionately compared to less-attractive students.

Researchers tracked the grades of more than 300 college kids before and after the pandemic hit, and had people rate how attractive each one’s photo was.

It turned out the most attractive ones . . . women AND men . . . were getting slightly better grades in certain courses before the pandemic hit.  But some of their grades dropped once remote learning kicked in.

It only applied to classes with lots of student-teacher interaction.  There was no effect with things like math where your grade is just based on test scores.

Once everyone was doing classes on Zoom, the hot female students’ grades dropped more than expected.  But it DIDN’T happen for good-looking men.

Their theory is that good-looking people often get better grades thanks to more self-confidence.

But hot female students sometimes get an additional bump thanks to creepy old professors who wanna get with them.

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