Someone Put a 400-Pound Block of Gold in Central Park and Called It Art

I don’t know if this is art or not, but it’s definitely not a worthless piece of junk:  Someone plopped a 410-pound block of PURE GOLD down in the middle of Central Park this week, and called it an art installation.  It’s a perfect cube, over a foot-and-a-half on all sides.  But it’s not actually a solid block.  The walls are about a quarter-inch thick.

A German artist named Niclas Castello is behind it, and it’s not for sale.  But the gold itself is worth $11.7 million.  So a security team guarded it the whole time it was there on Wednesday.  It was a one-day only thing.

It’s not clear what he plans to do with it now, but he also launched a cryptocurrency around it called CAST, and there’s some sort of NFT auction going on later this month.  One art expert said it’s supposed to be a commentary on the evolution of money.

She described the cube as, quote, “a sort of communiqué between an emerging 21st-century cultural ecosystem based on crypto, and the ancient world where gold reigned supreme.”

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