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Gen Z Bringing Their Parents to Job Interviews?

Young friends talking in room

Many employers now demand a college degree from applicants, but there are concerns about whether educational institutions effectively prepare students for the workforce.

In a survey encompassing 800 U.S. hiring managers and executives, 38% expressed a preference for older employees over recent college graduates, citing concerns about the latter’s lack of preparedness, particularly among Gen Z individuals.

Notably, one in five employers reported instances where recent graduates brought their parents to job interviews. While this behavior might stem from overprotective parenting, it underscores the challenges that graduates face as they enter professional life.

According to 53% of employers surveyed, recent college graduates struggle with maintaining proper eye contact during interviews. Moreover, they often make requests for unreasonable compensation, display inappropriate attire, and use improper language.

A significant 63% of employers perceive college graduates as “entitled.” They frequently exhibit traits such as being overly sensitive to criticism, lacking professionalism, struggling to accept feedback, displaying inadequate work ethic, motivation, and posing high training costs.

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