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Elon Musk Wants to Sell Advertising . . . In Space

Doesn’t it just figure that billionaires playing with rockets was going to lead to something like this . . . ELON MUSK wants to sell advertising space IN space.

A Canadian company called Geometric Energy Corporation is teaming up with Musk’s SpaceX to make it happen. Here’s how it’ll work:

GEC is building a satellite called a CubeSat. One side of it will be a pixelated display screen where advertisements, logos, and other art will appear.

A SpaceX rocket will take the CubeSat into orbit and release it. Then, a so-called “selfie stick” on the satellite will film the display screen, and livestream it to YouTube or Twitch, so we can watch whatever’s on it down here on Earth.

Another writer named Danielle Weisberg said, quote, “Elon Musk sucks so bad man. If I am out there camping looking for constellations and I see a billboard instead, I will lose what is left of my mind.”

And an indie musician named Nat Puff appealed to Elon’s girlfriend GRIMES, saying, quote, “Can you just ask him to do something about climate change?”

Even though you won’t be able to literally look up in the sky and see THESE ads . . . this news has people wondering if that’s the next step. As one guy put it . . . quote, “So how long until we’re projecting adverts onto the surface of the moon?”

And don’t think Musk, Bezos, and Branson aren’t working on it.

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