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Did You Do Nothing This Weekend?

Do You Feel Great About It, or Guilty?

Hopefully you had a nice, relaxing weekend.  But was it TOO relaxing?  Is that even possible?

Someone polled over 5,000 Americans and asked if they ever feel guilty for taking a full day to do nothing.

That means you probably slept in . . . lounged around all day . . . got zero accomplished . . . and went back to sleep.

According to the poll, most Americans DON’T feel guilty.  58% said they feel good after taking a day off like that . . . 42% feel guilty.

You’d think that as we age, we’d feel more and more guilty about it, because there’s less time to waste.  But it’s actually the opposite.

According to the poll, the older you are, the less likely you are to feel guilty.

Only 36% of people over 45 said they feel bad about it, compared to 53% of people under 25.  People between 18 and 24 are the only group more likely to feel guilty than good about taking a full day off.

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