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America’s Oddest Laws Include…

Fox News recently shared a compilation of peculiar laws from across the United States. While some might sound familiar, such as Hawaii prohibiting billboards or certain states banning car sales on Sundays, there are several lesser-known oddities:

1. Alabama prohibits dressing up as a priest or nun if one isn’t genuinely affiliated, even on Halloween.

2. Arizona has a law specifically banning the rigging of claw machine games to make winning impossible.

3. Little Rock, Arkansas, restricts horn honking outside sandwich shops after 9:00 P.M.

4. California permits eating frogs, except those that died in a frog-jumping contest.

5. Colorado forbids using indoor furniture as outdoor furniture.

6. In Delaware, whispering in church can be considered illegal if it disrupts the service.

7. Florida outlaws feeding wild alligators, a sensible precaution.

8. Idaho prohibits individuals from carrying a white cane in public unless they are visually impaired.

9. In Indiana, both “noodling” (hillbilly handfishing) and fishing with dynamite are illegal.

10. Maryland restricts the production, sale, or trade of stink bombs.

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