Macon School Board Approves Lease of Property

The Higdon Property near Franklin High School is now under MCS control.

After months of extensive deliberation, the Macon County School Board has granted its approval to a lease agreement concerning the Higdon property. This property was acquired by the county earlier this year with the intention of incorporating it into the school system’s assets. In the preceding month, school board members were presented with an initial draft of the Higdon property lease, following the county’s acquisition of the land. This decision follows an interlocal agreement that was formalized earlier in the summer between the Macon County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education, ensuring that the property would be made available for the school system’s use.

As stipulated in the lease, the school board is granted the privilege to utilize and manage the property as its own for a substantial duration of 40 years. Notably, the school board retains the option to terminate the lease at any point if circumstances necessitate, returning the land to the county. In contrast, for effective planning and utilization of the property by the school board, the county is bound by the lease for the entire 40-year duration, barring any clear breaches of the agreement. This commitment solidifies the county’s dedication to providing the school system with uninterrupted access to the property.

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