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HCS Announces New Assistant Principals

In a recent June meeting, the Haywood County Board of Education made a significant announcement regarding the school district’s staff. Four prominent educators have been appointed to serve as assistant principals in different educational institutions throughout Haywood County. The appointments include Emily Fama at Bethel Elementary School, Courtney Myers at Bethel Middle School, Leslie Buchanan at Canton Middle School, and Jessy Wilkins at Pisgah High School. In addition to their new roles as assistant principals, Fama, Myers, and Buchanan will also hold the respected title of lead teacher. These changes come in light of budgetary challenges faced by the county. These have necessitated the fusion of different roles which would typically exist independently. This consolidation has resulted in the elimination of several assistant principal positions, particularly at Pisgah and Tuscola High School. Summertime usually marks the season for the principal reshuffle due to retirements or other forms of departures. However, two in-year shuffles have already taken place, leaving only a select number of assistant principal positions unoccupied. This reduced school budget has further impacted the administration structure by lowering the number of high school principals from three to two. Despite these adjustments, the focus remains on maintaining a high-quality education for all Haywood County students.

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