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Four Stats About America’s Bedtime Routine

A new poll found the average American spends 44 minutes in bed BEFORE they try to fall asleep.  The most common things we do are surf the internet . . . watch TV . . . check social media . . . check our email . . . and text people.

Here’s a little more on the average American’s bedtime routine . . .


1.  The top apps we use in bed are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok.  11% also spend a significant amount of time shopping on Amazon.

2.  71% of us set an alarm before bed, or have one pre-set on our phone.  One in five say there’s a 100% chance they’ll hit snooze at least once tomorrow.

3.  A third of us always wash our face before bed.  33% said every night . . . another 38% said at least once a week . . . and 29% said never.

4.  Only 63% of us always brush our teeth.  Another 24% do at least half the time.  But 3% said they brush an average of one night a week . . . and 10% of us NEVER brush before bed.

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