A Woman Found Her Lost iPhone 10 Years Later . . . Stuck in Her Toilet?

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in the toilet, you know you’ll NEVER FORGET the series of feelings you experienced after.  So that’s why this story is so wild.

A woman in Maryland named Becki Beckmann says she and her husband were having trouble with their toilet last week.  There was a “banging sound” every time they flushed.  Initially, they blamed it on their old house, but then they got so annoyed that they decided to “plunge the [heck] out of it.”

That’s when they pulled something out:  Becki’s iPhone . . . that had been deeply lodged in the toilet . . . for almost 10 YEARS.  She said she lost that phone back on Halloween of 2012.

In a post on Facebook, she said she thought it was “mysterious” that her phone vanished without a trace.  But eventually, she gave up looking for it and bought a new one.  She included some photos of the old phone after they pulled it out.

Obviously, it was damaged . . . but unless they cleaned it up before sharing the photos, it mostly just looks like it was dropped.


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