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Five Health Conditions Your Dentist Can Spot

The main reason for regular dentist visits is to make sure your teeth don’t fall out of your face.  But they also might be able to give you a heads up about other stuff.

Here are five health conditions your dentist can spot just by looking at your mouth . . .

1.  Cancer.  Oral cancer can show up as red or white lesions on your tongue, or on the soft tissue near the back of your mouth.

2.  Anemia.  If your gums are too pale, you might be anemic.  That’s when you don’t have enough red blood cells to help circulate oxygen.

3.  Stress.  Grinding your teeth can be a sign of stress, which can cause high blood pressure and other health conditions.

4.  Osteoporosis.  Gum disease and tooth loss can be early signs.  So your dentist might look at old X-rays to see if you’ve lost any bone density in your jaw.

5.  Diabetes.  A dry mouth, receding gums, and excessive bleeding can be early warning signs.

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