Downtown Bryson Utilities Project On Track

Everett Street Bryson City Utility Work. August 2023
Photo Courtesy of : Smoky Mountain Times

Progress continues as scheduled for the utilities project on Everett Street in downtown Bryson City. Town authorities are poised to initiate the process of notifying local businesses about the upcoming transition to the newly installed water lines.

According to Bryson City’s Town Manager, Sam Pattillo, representatives from McGill Associates are currently making their way along Everett Street to engage with business owners and facilitate the connection of their services. These connections are planned for the early morning hours.

The recent addition of the new water line on Everett Street, spanning the section between Depot and Mitchell streets, was successfully integrated into the existing system on August 21st. Following this integration, a series of pressure tests were conducted, all of which were completed satisfactorily, passing inspections. The ongoing road closure will persist for another week. Afterward, the project will shift its focus to the upper portion of Everett Street, progressing toward Fontana Road, necessitating corresponding closures in that area as well.

Pattillo also offered an update regarding school bus routes. Due to the ongoing construction activities, the school district opted against routing buses through Everett Street. Instead, buses have been redirected onto alternative routes along adjacent streets, effectively navigating around the construction in the downtown area. Additionally, the sheriff’s office has deployed a school resource officer to manage traffic at Slope Street during the afternoons.

Amusingly, Pattillo and fellow town officials have observed an interesting phenomenon: tourists frequently stopping to watch the roadwork in progress. Pattillo noted that there is a noticeable gathering of spectators, with instances of individuals simply enjoying their coffee while observing the ongoing construction activities.

As Pattillo indicated, there are extensive roadwork plans in the pipeline for the upcoming months. While the town’s stretch of Everett Street is on track to be completed by mid-September, there are also plans to undertake work on Main Street. This particular endeavor will involve updating sidewalks but is not expected to result in any complete street closures. Additionally, Pattillo revealed that utility-related work around the library area is scheduled to commence during the fall season.

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