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A Man Hired a Hitman on Craigslist . . . to Kill a Peacock











A man in California has been accused of hiring a hitman . . . on Craigslist . . . to kill a PEACOCK.  It happened last month in McKinleyville, which is about five hours north of San Francisco.

The peacock showed up in the neighborhood a while back . . . and the community embraced it.  They fed it sourdough bread and cookies, and gave it nicknames, like Mr. P and Azul.  But one guy was NOT a fan, because of how LOUD it was.

He allegedly put a HIT OUT on Craigslist, saying, quote, “The job is simple . . . get rid of a wild peacock that is disrupting our lives.”  He gave instructions on how to find Mr. P, and added, quote, “Please contact me so we can form a strategy to eliminate this bird, and also to agree on how much you will be compensated.”

Well, last week, Mr. P was found dead, with a gunshot wound in its lower breast.

The Sheriff is investigating the case, but it’s unclear if there will be any criminal charges.  Peacocks are not protected by the state’s wildlife laws . . . although the shooter could face firearm and animal cruelty charges.

The community thinks they know who posted the ad.  But that man says all they have against him is “circumstantial evidence,” and he won’t comment until he talks to an attorney.

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