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Four Guys Eat 66 Pounds of Oranges to Avoid Airline Fees

We know people will go REALLY far to avoid extra airline fees . . . I’ve sat next to someone on Spirit Airlines who was wearing 30 layers to avoid paying like $20 to have a carry on.  But you can go too far . . .

Four guys in Kunming, China were flying home from a business trip recently, and they were taking about 66 pounds of oranges with them.

The airline told them there was an extra fee for shipping the oranges . . . approximately $46.  That was six times what they paid for the oranges.

The guys thought the fee was too expensive . . . so they stood there for about a half hour eating ALL of the oranges.  That’s about 16 or 17 pounds of oranges per person.

But their plan backfired when all of them wound up with mouth ulcers from eating all that acid.  And now, one of them says, quote, “We never want to have any oranges again.”

The Independant
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