WRGC tweeks music mix

540 a.m. WRGC Radio owner Roy Burnette announced Monday that the station  has been testing a new computer driven music selection system over the weekend. Music-Gen is an additional feature of their Nex Gen computer system that is responsible for the current scheduling of rotation of programs, commercials, news, liners, and events. It has taken several months to get the music component assembled. Jessica Ray and Andy Rogers have worked an untold number of hours categorizing every song in the library. The daily rotation will sort through over 3000 songs and play those songs according to extremely tight playlist regulations. Jessica has done a terriffic job sorting the songs into the categories which include the era, artist, tempo, and genre.  Listeners will hear a couple of really old rock and roll standards an hour some of these will go back to  the time when the station signed on in 1957. There will also be some country songs from that time frame as well.  Listeners will also hear a couple of the songs an hour from the current top Adult Contemporary and country playlists. Also a couple that are considered Hot AC which might test the patience of some of our older listeners, just as the older songs will test the patience of the younger listners, but between the two count on hearing hundreds of songs that have proven the test of time  for general audience acceptance. Not counted in the mix include hundreds of Christmas, Bluegrass, Gospel, and Patriotic songs. These are played at specific times.  The computer knows all the songs and does not have a preference or favorites,  so the entire  library is getting airplay.  This gives the announcers more time to keep up with other happenings to talk about and look up information about the songs being played.  “This also makes the station sound the same all the time.” concluded Burnette.