What a waste

Subscribers will need a hand truck this morning to bring today’s edition of the Asheville Citizen back to the house.  I can’t believe I spent an extra dollar and a quarter on the subscription just for the Thanksgiving Edition of the newspaper.  Pressed down as tight as possible the newspaper has over an inch thick of sale flyers. The dumpsters and recycling boxes will be loaded with this trash paper. If the Citizen delivers five thousand papers in Jackson County that means a stack of advertising papers over 416 feet tall. The regular Asheville Citizen itself is pretty thin by normal standards… but the flyers make the difference.  So how many trees were cut… the ink, now the trash.   Of course for radio…. more people will hear one advertisement on WRGC radio than all the Asheville Citizens delivered in Jackson County today even if only ten percent of the available population is listening to WRGC.  So how many of you really plan to read the equivalent of four standard print editions of Paradise Lost books today? Radio… leaves no clutter in the dumpster.  Thanks for listening.  Roy Burnette