Utility Larceny Arrests in Haywood County

The Haywood County Sheriff’s Office has arrested eight people for allegedly cutting telephone wires and selling them for their copper content. The incidents occurred in the Hyder Mountain Road and England Road areas between October and December of 2013.  The replacement cost for the damages caused in the crimes is estimated to be $50,000.

After weeks of investigating, breaks in the cases came through information provided by witnesses and the public. Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher said, “Our citizens were a key element in solving this case. We’re very grateful for the partnership we share with the people we serve.”

The eight individuals arrested have been identified as Sara Kent, 20, of Canton, Kevin Douglas Gibson, 28, of Clyde, Steven Charles Allred, 43, of Canton, Clifford Lowell Lance, 33, of Canton, Gwendolyn Wikes Burnette, 43, of Clyde, Leiha Boyer, 31, of Clyde, Ricky Hill, 26, Canton, and Ryan Green, 30, of Clyde. All are facing felony charges ranging from Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property, and Injuring Utility Wires/Fixtures. Secured bonds ranged from $5,000 to $10,000. Investigators say there are additional suspects with more arrests pending.