Use of Firearm Suppressors Will Become Legal for Hunting Wildlife

North Carolina will allow the use of suppressors on firearms while legally hunting wildlife effective this coming Tuesday, October 1st. A suppressor, which is sometimes refered to as a “Silencer,” muffles or minimalizes the report of a firearm when it is fired. This statuary change is not reflected in the 2013-2014 North Carolina Inland Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping Regulations Digest, which was published by the N.C Wildlife Resources Commission prior to the legislation being passed. A hunter or trapper must meet federal requirements to own a suppressor, which include registering the device and paying a federal tax, along with a criminal background check processed by the sheriff’s office in the applicant’s county of residence. “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms administers the procedure to own a firearms suppressor,” said Maj. Todd Kennedy, field supervisor for the Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement. The Wildlife Commission does not have any involvement in the process to obtain a suppressor.