Trees For Troops


Once again, FedEx is excited and ready to roll and so are we! North Carolina has committed to donate 1,350 trees to our service families in the following places:
Fort Pol, LA, Fort Benning GA, Marine Corps Air Station New River, Jacksonville, NC

This year our trees for troops coordinator is Henry Fowler. Henry has a site set-up for you to drop off your trees anytime on Fowler Rd in the Big Ridge area. Simply drop off your trees and fill out the information sheet with your name and # of trees. This info is needed for ease when reloading onto bigger Fed Ex trucks to the different Fort/Base locations. If you have any questions contact Henry Fowler at 828 226 9327.

Deadline: Folks have until 12:00 p.m. on Dec 3rd to drop off your trees. These will then be brought to the Linville River Nursery in Newland for reloading onto Fed Ex trucks.  Trees can be any species but should be of retail height of a good 6 ft or small 7 ft tree size and quality. For easier loading trees should be baled, netted or tied.