Today October 12th is the last day to register to vote in the November election

So far there have been 300-thousand voter registrations since January, which is less than the Presidential election in 2008, but the number is expected to climb after the local boards of election process their remaining voter registration applications. Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina, Bob Hall says one reason there are fewer registrations is that four years ago there was a boom in registrations and consequently there arer fewer uinregistered voters, “There are not as many to choose from.” Hall stated. This year there are as many unaffiliated voters registering as Democrats and Republicans combined compared to 2008 when Democrats had five times as many registrations as Republicans.  If you miss the deadline you can register at an early voting site and cast your ballot the same day during the early voting period. Brent Laurenz, Executive Director of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education says while Presidential and gubernatorial election might be a driving interest in the election there are  many local and state races where every vote counts. The number of registrations is expected to increase after coounty elections process their backlog of voter registrations.  The NC Center for Voter Education published a voter guide avauilable on their website at ncvoterguide.org. Brent Laurenz added,”Elections do have big consequenceds and it is important to go out and vote.  That old adage of my vote doesn’t matter, theres less of that thinking any more in the past decade so so.