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September 23, 2017

The Original Obi-Wan Kenobi Predicted James Dean’s Death a Week Before it Happened

SIR ALEC GUINNESS played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original “Star Wars” movies.


Guinness met JAMES DEAN on September 23rd, 1955 . . . and predicted his death, almost TO THE MINUTE.  (???)  He told the story in an interview back in 1977, the same year the first “Star Wars” came out.



Alec and a friend were looking for a place to eat in Hollywood, when Dean came running up, introduced himself, and asked them to have dinner with him.  Guinness was a lot more famous than him at the time.



They found a restaurant, but before they went in, Dean showed them his new, Porsche 550 Spyder.  And that’s when Sir Alec had a PREMONITION.  He asked Dean how fast the car could go, and Dean said 150 miles per hour.



And he told him, quote, “Please do not get into that car, because if you do . . . it’s now Thursday, 10:00 o’clock at night and by 10:00 o’clock at night next Thursday, you’ll be dead if you get into that car.'”



And wouldn’t you know, James Dean crashed that car and died on the afternoon of the following Thursday . . . September 30th, 1955.  (Watch the interview here.)



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