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December 14, 2017

The Most-Liked Instagram Photos of the Year

In a year packed with pretty heavy, depressing news, here’s a somewhat interesting distraction for you:  Instagram has released a list of the most-liked photos of the year.  Unfortunately the Top 10 is dominated by the same three people . . . Beyoncé, soccer stud Christiano Ronaldo, and Selena Gomez.



Here’s the Top 10:



1.  Beyoncé’s post announcing she was pregnant with twins . . . 11.2 million likes


2.  Cristiano Ronaldo with his new daughter . . . 11 million


3.  Selena Gomez revealing that she had a kidney transplant . . . 10.3 million






4.  Beyoncé’s first photo with her twins . . . 10.27 million


5.  Cristiano Ronaldo holding his new TWINS . . . 8.3 million.  These are the babies he had from a surrogate in June, BEFORE the other daughter was born.






6.   The Weeknd embracing his then-girl Selena Gomez . . . 8.1 million


7.  The Weeknd and Selena making their ‘red carpet debut’ . . .  7.8 million






8.  Cristiano Ronaldo hanging with his family . . . 7.3 million likes.  This guy is a big deal, especially with soccer fans, but this is just a random family photo.  Oh, wait . . . Cristiano is wearing some VERY short shorts.  Well, maybe that explains it.


9.  Selena showing off some skin during a photo shoot on a bike . . . 7.2 million


10.  Selena celebrating her 25th birthday.  She has two birthday cakes, and for some reason she’s sitting ON the table next to them . . . 7.1 million





If this list seems a little bland and repetitive, that’s because Selena and Cristiano have the benefit of having the first- and second-most Instagram followers.  Beyoncé is fourth . . . behind donut-licker Ariana Grande, who’s third.  The only other people with over 100 million followers are Kim Kardashian, who has the fifth-most, and Taylor Swift, who’s in sixth.

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