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August 13, 2018

The Average Person Who Goes Vegan Lasts Three-and-a-Half Months

It turns out that most of us can only make it about four months without eating a pastrami sandwich.



According to a new survey, the average person who goes VEGAN only lasts three-and-a-half months before they go running back into the warm, fatty arms of meat.



And what’s the main reason they give up?  Obviously it’s because YOU aren’t supporting them.  Three out of four people who tried going vegan but quit say they would’ve lasted much longer if they had more support from their friends and family.



The survey also found the five non-vegan foods that people are most likely to accidentally eat when they first become vegan are:  Chocolate . . . beer . . . white sugar . . . jelly . . . and yogurt.



Why aren’t those okay?



Chocolate includes an emulsifier that’s made from egg yolk . . . most beers are clarified using things like gelatin . . . white sugar is made using bone char . . . jellies almost always use gelatin . . . and yogurt is dairy, which isn’t vegan.


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