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WCU Transit System Facing Changes


Taken from WCU's Website

Picture Taken from WCU’s Website

The Cat-Tran transit service offered by WCU to students living off campus may soon be gone completely. While seen by most as a good idea, the service is reportedly not used often enough to justify the spending. Cat-Trans has two main functions, one is to provide on campus rides between Western Carolina’s lecture halls, parking lots, dorms, and other facilities. The other function is to provide transportation to students living off campus from their homes or apartments to campus. Of the 365,000 passengers only about 1% rode the off campus routes. The cost of a student riding the on campus route is roughly $1 while the cost of an off campus rider is around $20. Each student pays a $96 fee that goes toward funding transit services. Of the $800,000 collected, the off campus transit takes up 10% of that budget. No changes are being planned for the 2013-2014 school year but WCU Police Chief Ernie Hudson, who also oversees Cat-Tran, said he will most likely suggest cutting the program the following year if more people don’t start utilizing the off campus transit.