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Boston Marathon Hits Home

Dr. Allen Painter

Dr. Allan Panter

Dr. Allan Panter of Gainesville GA who practices at Medwest Harris in Jackson County went to Boston to watch his wife run the Boston Marathon. He ended up as a first responder when a bomb exploded near him at the finish line. Both Panter and his wife Theresa have been in demand from national media outlets, wanting to hear their stories of Monday’s bomb blast. In a phone press conference held this morning, Dr. Panter said, “I was just standing there without a scratch,” Panter said one victim he helped was a man who lost both legs beneath the knees. “He was pretty much as you would describe in shock,” he said. “He was mumbling words but not coherently.” His wife, Theresa Panter, was frantically trying to make sure her husband of 30 years was safe. She was directed along with other runners to a safe area but it took more than an hour before she reached her husband.