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Webster Enterprises has Record Year

Several months ago WRGC reported that Webster Enterprises, a manufacturing and work training center located in Jackson county, has been anticipating growth in its business and work force due to increases in production demand and the addition of a new industry to their facilities. Earlier in the year, Webster Enterprises announced the hiring of two new management personnel along with one executive staff promotion. At the time, Webster stated that the new management level positions were due to the Board of Directors anticipation of the expansion and growth of their operation over the next two to three years. Along with the new job positions, a new sewing division was also implemented. Now, after the conclusion of its fiscal year on June 30, Webster Enterprises has announced that it had a record year in both production and revenues. “Our $384,000 increase in revenues placed our total income slightly under $1,615,000. We were fortunate to have increased orders from nearly all of our customers and our production staff met orders on time,” said Gene Robinson, Webster’s Executive Director . Currently, Webster Enterprises’ customer base is centered on suppliers to the medical field and involves the manufacturing of various sizes of drapes, tray covers and other disposable items used in operating rooms. “Through our customers, our products are used worldwide,” Robinson noted. Production totals for the medical devices reached a record number of more than one million units. Not included are pieces produced in the newly formed sewing division.

Also as part of the growth and development of the company the Rehabilitation Division has been renamed Education and Training, according to director Kathleen Redman. “This name change more accurately reflects the mission and responsibility of our program within Webster Enterprises.” The number of individuals with disabilities being served is about fifty percent of the total employee base of nearly eighty people. Webster Enterprises was founded in 1976 to provide training and job skills for people with disabilities, and that continues to be its main focus today. It is a common misconception that they only employ the handicapped workers. Part of their job training program for disabled workers includes having them work side-by-side with fully-abled workers on the same production lines, so employees of all walks have found a home at Webster. In the months and years ahead Webster Enterprises continued growth projections seems to be good news for both disabled and able-bodied job seekers in Jackson, Swain, and Macon counties.