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Tag & Tax Together

dmv_frontpage_tagtax_pageUnder a new North Carolina law, the DMV now collects vehicle property tax and license plate renewal fees at the same time…in one bill. Lawmakers say the “Tag and Tax Together” program will increase county revenues.   While Wake County says it’s seeing 1.9 million dollars less, they say western counties are expecting an improvement.   Haywood County leaders say revenue collection rates have increased from the mid to high 80’s to the low 90’s. They say while there may have been some initial inconvenience, the benefits outweigh any costs.  Surrounding counties say the Tag and Tax program is working out fine. But Swain County says it’s having to issue refund checks to Cherokee residents living on the Reservation who’ve paid for vehicle tags so they can drive…when…as Native Americans, they’re exempted from the tax.