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National Farm Safety & Health Week

This week marks National Farm Safety and Health Week. In Jackson County alone there are over 300 number of farms which attribute to over 13,000 acres of farmland. President Obama has declared National recognition of agricultural safety during this week. “This week we resolve to make farms and ranches safer places to live, work and raise families.” .WRGC had the privilege to talk with North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. As a native North Carolinian and farmer he had great incite on how to keep our farmers safety. Commissioner Troxler discussed how education and awareness were the two biggest factors for keeping the men and women in the agriculture business safe. According to the National Safety Council, farm accidents and other work related health problems claim as many as 1,300 lives and cause 120,000 injuries per year, most of which are preventable. Commissioner Troxler stated that tractor and other machinery accidents on farms cause the highest number of fatalities with tractor overturns accounting for 44% of all tractor fatalities. Always use proper safety equipment, and maintain regular equipment maintenance and have an emergency plan in place to help avoid farming accidents.