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liquor-1221-1280x960After months of discussions and negotiations a plan has finally emerged which would consolidate the control of hard liquor sales in Jackson County under a single county wide Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. County Manager Chuck Wooten presented his plan to the Jackson County Commissioners on Monday and asked for a meeting on Monday April 14th with Town of Sylva officials to formalize the agreement. Once the agreement is signed a Jackson County ABC Board would be appointed. Initially the appointments would have term limits in order to get the board into a three year staggered system of rotation. Board members would be paid $150 per meeting plus travel. The ABC Board Chair would receive $250. plus travel for each meeting.  Wooten stressed that operations of the Sylva ABC store then the Cashiers ABC store expected to open in May would be under the control of the Jackson County ABC Board by May. One of the concerns expressed by the Town of Sylva is the loss of revenue generated by the Sylva ABC store. According to the merger agreement the Town Of Sylva would continue to get a share of the net profits and a guaranteed return. Once the new merged board is in place then steps would be taken to adopt the current standard operating procedures. Wooten also described how employees of the present Sylva ABC Board would be transitioned into the new Jackson County ABC Board. The Sylva ABC Board would be compensated for the inventory and fixtures at the ABC Store. It was recommended by the current members of the Sylva ABC Board that at least six weeks of working capital be available for ongoing use. Elected officials of the Town of Sylva and the County of Jackson will meet Monday April 14th to complete the merger agreement which will end the Sylva ABC Board  and create a new Jackson County ABC Board.

Jackson County ABC Board Choses Site in Cashiers For New ABC Store

The site for the new ABC store in Cashiers has been decided. At Monday’s meeting of commissioners, David Noland one of three members of the Jackson County ABC Board had this to report; “Your ABC Board has signed a lease agreement today on a site for an ABC store in Cashiers”. The lease is for a piece of property around 4.5 acres on highway 64 in Cashiers directly across from the Ingles supermarket. Mr. Noland confirmed it is a ten year lease agreement with two five year lease renewal options. The landowner will build a four thousand square foot facility to the ABC board’s specifications. For the first year of the lease the monthly rent will be two thousand dollars and then rise to three thousand in the second year. Keeping with state ABC regulations the ABC board now has to erect a sign on the property for thirty days indicating that it is a site for a future ABC store, during that thirty days the state ABC board will visit and inspect the site and after that time period the board will vote to either approve or disapprove that site. Mr. Noland expects that the Jackson County ABC board will have the states approval by mid July and has a tentative time line regarding the completion and opening of the new store around eight months form now. Mr. Noland concluded his presentation to the Jackson County commissioners by saying the following; “This is the best option we looked at for the long haul, especially considering location, quality, and cost. We believe this will result in a store that the commissioners, the county, and the Cashiers community will be pleased with”.