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Poor Housing Trends Expected to Change in Jackson County

Recent trends show positive gains in our area’s housing market. Like many other areas across the nation, Jackson County has seen a significant decrease in housing activity over the past several years including home sales and new construction. Recent numbers released regarding the first three months of this year show that those trends may be changing. WRGC spoke with Jackson County Commissioner Doug Cody about those numbers, and the Commissioner had the following to say, “We are getting an up tick in our home construction. We were number one west of Buncombe County in the first quarter in permits for homes over $400,000 in value. That shows us that the second home market is returning and we are happy about that”. Commissioner Cody went on to say that even though we have not yet seen a full return to the housing market, these numbers are very promising especially regarding the labor force and future tax revenues. “Those homes to be constructed, they have to have the labor to do it and the materials both of those are good things as they help give people jobs. The revenue from sales tax for materials is a big thing and down the road tax values will increase and that will keep pressure off us to cut services or raise taxes. This is something we have looked forward to happening for the past 2 years so hopefully it’s turning around”.