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Franklin Gazebo May See Renovation

An iconic Franklin landmark may soon be seeing changes. In the new town budget, city leaders of Franklin have appropriated $50,000 to make improvements upon or even completely replace the Main Street Gazebo that is located in downtown Franklin. The iconic structure has served as a stage for performers, and festivals, acted as a gathering spot for seekers and rallies, and generally acts as a central hub for all of Franklin’s downtown activities. Amid all the aformentioned activity the structure has been slowly deteriorating, including the roof and the wooden supports. Also, some have raised concerns that the small floor space and lack of any weather tight storage don’t make the building conducive for all the roles it has been made to fulfill. Before any work can begin on improvements or remodeling of the structure, city leaders would want some minor legal questions answered. Macon County is technically the owner the land that the gazebo is located on. The city of Franklin currently leases the land from Macon county for a low yearly fee and that lease agreement is soon set to expire. City leaders want to properly ensure that the property is locked down in another lease agreement before investing money in renovations or a new structure. Franklin city leaders hope to have all questions answered, and a new and improved gazebos ready and in place by this years Pumpkinfest which will be held in late October.