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Webster Enterprises Anticipates Growth

WRGC reported several weeks ago on Webster Enterprises announcement of hiring two new management personnel along with one executive staff promotion. In the announcement Webster Enterprises stated that the new management level positions were due to the Board of Directors anticipation of the expansion and growth of their operation over the next two to three years.

When asked about the new positions and how the new and unexpected growth had made them necessary, Webster’s’ Executive director Gene Robinson answered with the following: “Its part of a revitalization plan we implemented some two and a half years ago. The hiring of the two people and the creation of Assistant Executive Director are part of a succession plan. We want to make sure we have a plan in place that will help carry us forward and meet the needs of the organization and the needs of the community. The growth we are looking at in the next four to five years is expected to double the physical size of our plant and those three positions are critical. We have to have good people in those positions and we feel the people we got are excellent”. While the expectation of doubling the size of their operation in just a few years is quite ambitious, it’s nothing new for Webster Enterprises. Gene Robinson explained that when he returned to the company as Executive Director two and a half years ago Webster Enterprises only employed thirty-five to forty people. Now they employ seventy-five and, at the time of this writing, they are taking applications for four additional positions. Webster Enterprises growth is getting to a point where they are seriously considering adding a second shift to meet production demands. A sewing division was added in the fall of last year and Gene Robinson expects a large amount of Webster Enterprises future growth will come from that new market.

Webster Enterprises was founded in 1976 to provide training and job skills for people with disabilities and that has not changed. Although, it is a common misconception that they only employ the handicapped. Part of their job training program for disabled workers includes having them work side-by-side with fully abled workers on the same production lines, so this means that Webster Enterprises projections of doubling their operation size in the next few years is good news for both disabled and able bodied job seekers in Jackson, Swain, and Macon counties.