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Seven Indicted in Cherokee Drug Trafficking Ring, Several More Facing Charges

A criminal indictment that charges seven suspects with drug trafficking and other related charges was announced in a U.S District Court on June 19 by Western North Carolina U.S Attorney Anne M. Tompkins. The indictment is the aftermath of a joint federal, tribal, and state investigation that targeted the circulation of illicit drugs, with a particular focus on prescription narcotics. The defendants indicted are being charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with an intent to sell controlled substances, those substances include; oxycodone, cocaine, marijuana, and alprazolam. In accord with the indictment, the purported conduct occurred between January of 2007 and December of 2012 in Swain County and Jackson County. The individuals charged are as follows; Jackie Lee Rattler, of Cherokee, Jacob Hunter Rattler, of Cherokee, Evan Thomas Norris, Jr., of Robbinsville, Taryn Krista Elizabeth Toineeta Rattler, of Cherokee, Timothy Leroy Rattler, of Cherokee, Justina Nacole Rattler, of Cherokee, Mark Allen Winstead, of Cherokee. Jackie Rattler is also charged with six additional counts of possession of controlled substances with intent to sell, and one count of being controlled substance user in possession of firearms. Jacob Hunter Rattler is also facing charges of one count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Each Drug offence has a maximum prison term of twenty years, a one million dollar fine, or both. The use of narcotics in possession of firearms offence holds a maximum prison term of ten years, a $250,000 fine, or both. Six out of the Seven people charges in the indictment are currently in custody. Taryn Rattler remains a fugitive. The names of others facing various drug charges are as follows; Deborah Smith, Charles Taylor, Austin Gunter, Humberto Corral, Deanna Smith (not arrested), Kevin Smith, Shenna Crowe, Lisa Toineeta, Sam Thompson, Mike Walkingstick (not arrested), Annie Cucumber, Robert Tramper, Ashley Keel (not arrested), Chadwick Feather, Walter Bradley, Thomas Rickman, Victoria Cucumber (not arrested), Delores Cabrera, Sally Bryson, Raymond Whitecotton, Rachel Taylor, Regan Parton, Alea Ohmart, James Murphy, Ceegee Bird (not arrested), Clyde Taylor, Rogelio Cabrera, Eric Dossett, Anthony Dossett (not arrested), Frankie Dyer and Christin Hodgins (Not arrested). The following names are those arrested on charges related to the case; John Patrick Smith, Michael Keener, Jacob Chase Wolfe, Clifford Brown, Heather Cucumber, Rita Howard, Sheena Standingdeer, Will Howard, Jason Thompson, Charlotte Cabe, Patrick Mahsetky, Kathy Sue Smith Bradley, Taslisa Bradley, Christopher Kirkland, Carl Arch, Josie Owle, Anna Parton, Ontonio Rodriguez, Krystal Pheasant Watty, John Taylor Sr., Katelyn Ledford, Stephanie Taylor, Kogee Postoak, John Patrick Smith Jr., Frances Sequoyah, William Douthit, Nancy Griffin, Paul Stanley, John Cameron George, Kevin Johnson, Jasmine Lossiah, Kandance Griffin, Eudine Wilson, Marie Raymond, and William Hatt. All those who were arrested will have detention hearings on Friday, June 21st. All charges in the indictment are allegations. The defendants are presumed innocent unless they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.