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Litter Free NC Campaign

LitterFreeNClogo-150hState officials want to get rid of the litter on North Carolina roads, and save taxpayer dollars to clean up the mess. State troopers and the Department of Public Safety have started an education and enforcement campaign called “Litter Free NC.” Patrol spokesman First Sgt. Jeff Gordon says one issue involves unsecured loads being blown to the sides of the road. The effort will include highlighting the harm litter causes to the environment, wildlife and public safety. The state Department of Transportation says it spent more than a million to remove about 7 million pounds of roadside litter last year. Law enforcement is stepping up this way to stomp put littering on the highways. Kick-Off Litter Free NC Highway week across the state, which is a combined enforcement and education effort to reduce the amount of trash which winds up on roadsides. There are penalties for tossing those cigarette butts and soda cans. The Department of Public Safety and the State Highway Patrol  are cracking down on offenders. Patrol first sgt. Jeff Gordon littering is costly.