Sweetheart Scam Announced By Attorney General Roy Cooper

(09/11/13) North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that the newly minted Sweetheart Scammers are trolling cemeteries as well as dating websites. According to the report,  Cooper sited the report of a widow who was approached by what appeared to be a sympathetic and kind hearted soul who quickly wormed their way into the grieving widows heart, then her home, then into her bank account. Cooper stated that thus far they have confirmed reports that 17 sweethearts had scammed nearly $700,000 from their victims. The report also stated that many of the victims are hesitant to come forward because they have been so adamant their new love was genuine and refused to listen to or heed the warnings of family and other acquaintances who were telling them they were being taken advantage of. To report a Sweetheart Scam call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.