Smoky Mountain High Declared Ineligible for Playoffs

Tonight’s high school football playoff matchup between the Smoky Mountain Mustangs and the Forest Hill Yellow Jackets has been cancelled and will be recorded as a loss/forfeit for the Mustangs. The issue stems from a player who was found to be illegible on the Smoky Mountain squad. During a check of athletic records at the high school, it was discovered this morning that a Mustang football player had an out of date physical on file. As soon as school officials were made aware of the situation, they self-reported the circumstances to the North According North Carolina High School Athletic Association. According to NCHAA policy, any player without a current physical on record is automatically ineligible for competition, and any game that they participated in while ineligible must be forfeited by the offending team. After looking at the documentation, the NCHAA has determined that the player in question is indeed ineligible, and further ruled that SMHS must forfeit tonight’s game. After further investigation, it is likely that the NCHAA will make further changes to Smoky Mountain High’s record for the year. Dr. Mike Murray, Superintendent of Jackson County Schools said, “It will affect their season. There will be retro-active actions taken, but right now that is still under investigation.” Forrest Hills will now advance to round two of the High School football playoffs.