Sherriff’s Department website upgraded

01/14/13  The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the release of our updated website to provide the citizens with improved access to convenient information regarding the Sheriff’s Office operations and public data.  The improved site was tailor-made for simple interactivity by the most novice internet user. The Sheriff’s Office worked closely with Webmaster Kelly Fuqua with the County’s IT department to make this improvement.  This will allow for quicker and more updated changes to our website as opposed to the outsourcing of this task as in years past.  Listed below are just a few of the improvements to the updates site.


  • Real Time Current Inmate Search of the Jackson County Detention Facility to include mugshots, dates of birth, charges, and bond information.
  • Current Sex Offender Search information by address, GPS location, or the entire county
  • Weekly arrests data on all arrests by the Sheriff’s Office updated every Monday morning
  • Updated and regular announcements to include and valuable information regarding public sales of seized property, press releases, and community information
  • Updated and improved contact information for Sheriff’s Office staff