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October 19, 2017

Selena Gomez Broke Down Last Year Because She Didn’t Think She Was Good Enough

Last summer, SELENA GOMEZ bagged on her tour and checked into a psychiatric facility in Tennessee.  And in a new interview with “Vogue”, she explains why.

She says, quote, “Tours are a really lonely place for me.  My self-esteem was shot.  I was depressed, anxious.  I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage.

“Basically I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable.  I felt I wasn’t giving my fans anything, and they could see it.”

Part of that had to do with her fans getting older . . . quote, “I was so used to performing for kids.  At concerts I used to make the entire crowd raise up their pinkies and make a pinky promise never to allow anybody to make them feel that they weren’t good enough.

“Suddenly I have . . . people in their 20s, 30s, and I’m looking into their eyes, and I don’t know what to say . . . I felt I had no wisdom to share.  And so maybe I thought everybody out there was thinking, ‘This is a waste of time.'”

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