Scam Artists at work in Jackson County

These guy’s never stop their low life schemes to take innocent people.  But a reminder to pay attention to what the scammer is asking and keep your mind about what is going on around you. A recent scam artist is working the elderly under the pretenses of taking the census.  The census was conducted in 2010, and is only taken every ten years. So if someone says they are taking a census,  chances are it is a scam.  Always ask the person to show some identification. Some faith based organizations do conduct faith based censuses. Again ask for identification and NEVER provide banking information, Social Security numbers… really nothing at all and certainly nothing more than they can get off your mail box.  Legitimate census takers whether it be political, faith based or anything else will always be more than  happy to show you a picture id.  Even still… remember what veterans say… name rank and serial number…. nothing more.