Ruling from Department of Justice

Department-of-Justice1A ruling from the U.S Department of Justice says the Town of Sylva did not discriminate when it turned down a church’s request to relocate on Main Street. If you recall last summer, the Fathers House of Prayer asked town leaders for a zoning change so it could move to a building on Main Street. The town rejected that request saying churches can only locate in free standing buildings or on upper floors in the commercial district. But federal law prohibits towns from using zoning to block churches from relocating. While the Department of Justice says the town did not discriminate, they did however ask for other changes to be made.  Paige Roberson says “The changes that are going to be made won’t affect the use of the building in question, it will still be used for retail or a restaurant. The Justice Department wants the Town to allow churches in zoning districts designated as mixed plan use and to also allow funeral homes in stand-alone buildings in Sylva’s business district. The changes are on the next town board meeting slated for March 6th.