Possible Hepatitis A Exposure in Jackson County

The Jackson County Department of Public Health is reporting an isolated case of Hepatitis A at the High Hampton Inn in Cashiers. As a precaution, people who may have been exposed by eating at their restaurant between April 26 and May1, 2013 are being asked to contact the Department of Public Health for information on where to obtain vaccines or shots to help prevent them from getting sick. The possible exposure is due to an infection in an employee who was diagnosed on May 6, 2013. Symptoms, which include fever, a feeling of being unwell, loss of appetite, and more, appear 2–7 weeks after exposure. This means that anyone potentially exposed could experience symptoms as early as May 10, 2013 and as late as June 20, 2013.    The Department of Health says High Hampton Inn has been extremely proactive and cooperative with local and state health officials.  They have been fully cooperative in contacting their guests and members once the situation became apparent. Anyone with exposure concerns or questions is asked to call the Jackson County Department of Public Health at 586-8994.