Parking At A Premium At The ICF Freestyle Kayaking World Championships

There are about 750 parking places within five miles of the events on the Nantahala River. Fans are expected to arrive at the river via the Appalachian Trail, floating down the river, paddling up the river, by car, shuttle, trail, and there my even be an adventurous skydiver. Five hundred parking places are located within two miles and east of the site and 250 additional parking places are located at the west end of the gorge which is about five miles away. The cost of the Gorge parking is generally $5.00 per day, Private parking might be more. There will also be shuttles leaving at the top of the hour from the parking lot at the supermarket in Bryson City where parking will be FREE.  There will also be shuttles between the parking areas in the Gorge. The Smoky Mountain Railroad is offering a one way ticket from Bryson City to the Gorge for $10.00. Riders will be required to catch a ride or the shuttle back to Bryson City. Those driving to the Gorge and looking for parking are directed to look for the flaggers and signs which will show available parking. The flaggers will be kept informed when parking places open up closer to the event.